How to Start a PCD Pharma Company in Assam?

Pharma franchise business is at high growth stage across the globe, making profits because of a boost in demand for medicines. Many young, motivated professionals are looking forward to commencing their business career in this domain due to the good scope of future opportunities. Many get puzzled about the procedure of getting PCD pharma franchise, or they do not know how to start a PCD pharma company in Assam or other parts of India.

At Ambit® Bio-Medix, we deal in both production and supply of different types of pharma drugs all over the country. We assist people to use them on the rising platform as an enormous business opening.

Wide Product Range at Ambit PCD Pharma Company in Assam

At Ambit® Bio-Medix, we deal in capsules, injectables, tablets and syrups. We have a competent team of experts and a fully fledged infrastructure to convince the growing demands of the clients. We are one of the top pharma companies in Assam dealing with herbal and food products, dental products, skin products, ointments, appetite stimulants, muscle relaxants products, anti-fungal, acid suppressants, vitamin products, nutritional products, anti-oxidants products and oil products.


We cater to Assam based PCD pharma companies and deal in antiamoebic, anti-bacterial, anti-cold, anti-allergic, anti-emetic and anti-spasmodic products.

Promotional Tools for Best PCD Pharma Franchise in Assam

  • Visual Aids

It aids brief but practical information to your customers in observance of pharmaceutical products. Being a leading pharma franchise company in Assam, we build visual aids to have a superior consciousness in the customer minds and even reinforce branding.

  • Prescription Pads

They are finest for marketing PCD based pharma franchise companies in Assam. The prescription pads developed by Ambit® Bio-Medix are entirely planned at keeping the doctors well-versed about the products put forward for sales.

  • Order Book

Taking orders from the healthcare stores is one of the foremost tasks of your medical professionals. So to make things better for them, provide them order books as a part of a promotional instrument.

  • Others marketing tools

Other pharma franchises promotional and branding materials at Ambit® Bio-Medix include the individual literature, product glossary, catch covers and gifts.

Contact Us

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